Billing Features


CareLogic provides you with a powerful tool to manage the financial health of your organization. The operational efficiencies gained from CareLogic lead to an increase in services billed and a decrease in administrative expenses.

What CareLogic Can Do For You:

Increase Revenue by Eliminating Missed Services

Claims are automatically generated for all services provided. Risk of services provided but not billed is eliminated.Our customers typically see a sudden increase in billed units after go-live because records of services provided no longer get lost in the shuffle.

Increase in Collections | Reduction in denial rates

Every service is run through a series of 50 checks so only accurate and complete claims are sent. CareLogic checks and catches billing errors before the service occurs and validates all claims before they are sent, drastically reducing denial rates and increasing collections for all payers.

Cuts the accounts receivables balances and days outstanding

Claims are automatically generated as soon as the service is provided so you bill faster and get paid faster. Some of our customers have cut their AR balances by 60 percent. The bills go out more quickly and cash comes in more quickly.

Decrease in Medicaid Recoupment

You can expect your annual Medicaid recoups to decrease because CareLogic validates numerous clinical checks at every service and for each provider’s caseload.

Real-time analysis and forecasting

Configurable executive dashboards and reporting tools give you a quick assessment of the current financial and operational status of the organization. Drill down and see detailed information, and export data into any standard general ledger accounting system.

Productivity will improve dramatically with less time spent on administrative activities and more paid time spent seeing clients.