CareLogic EHR

CareLogic is for Behavioral Health & Human Services

You Need More Than Technology, You Need a Partner

As your sustainability partner, Qualifacts makes data management, workflow efficiency, outcomes measurement and financial administration easy, empowering your organization to focus on sustainability and growth. Our single system web-based solution, CareLogic, helps manage the day-to-day business needs of your entire organization.

Meet CareLogic

CareLogic is a comprehensive, integrated and intuitive solution designed exclusively for behavioral health and human services. With CareLogic organizations streamline business processes, ensuring that real-time data automatically flows between the electronic client record, billing engine, quality improvement, reporting, and administrative dashboards.

What will CareLogic do for your organization?

  • Improve care coordination with a single source for client data
    The cornerstone of CareLogic is a single and complete behavioral health record for each client. The electronic client record (ECR) gives staff immediate and secure access to crucial client data and financial information, dramatically improving care coordination, clinical outcomes and agency efficiency.
  • Increase agency transparency and resource utilization
    Intuitive, flexible front desk tools match the natural check-in workflow, simplifying and streamlining tasks in an often-hectic environment. Agencies manage referrals for all programs and locations from a single call center or use the module for individual, program-specific referral processes. Our point of entry module ensures every request for service starts with standard client data, which reduces errors and duplications. The system then recognizes the proper process to follow based on the type of service needed and location.
  • Maximize reimbursements
    Claims are automatically generated when a service is kept and all client information and documentation automatically flows into the billing engine once the clinician completes the service without any manual intervention.
  • Make informed, data-driven decisions with real-time reporting
    Powerful, integrated reporting capabilities give agency executives a quick assessment of the financial, operational and clinical health of the organization.

Highly flexible, easily adaptable

Guided by an intuitive, straightforward form design tool, administrators quickly and easily create custom service documents and forms without requiring intervention from Qualifacts. This is a complementary service with no restrictions on the number of forms created.

Strongest Peer Community in the Industry

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We’ve partnered with our customers to develop the strongest user community in the industry. With 97% of our customers sharing best practices and directly influencing product innovation through the CareLogic community.

Learn more about our customer community


CareLogic enables the most efficient use of resources so you can allocate more staff time and financial resources to direct care, strengthening your business model and solidifying your agency’s value to the community.


CareLogic provides clinical managers with a versatile toolset to manage staff productivity; improve clinical outcomes; and adhere to best practices, agency policies and state and federal standards.


CareLogic provides you with a powerful tool to manage the financial health of your organization. The operational efficiencies gained from CareLogic lead to an increase in services billed and a decrease in administrative expenses.

View screenshots of CareLogic

Face Sheet Qualifacts' CareLogic EHR

PHQ-9 Qualifacts' CareLogic

Patient Health Questionnaire 9 - Qualifacts CareLogic

Embedded Trend Chart in Qualifacts CareLogic

Schedule a short demo of CareLogic

Designed for executives, system administrators and those getting a “first look” at CareLogic, this 60-minute demo will show you the basics of CareLogic and the benefits of a cloud-based EHR.

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