CareLogic IMPACT

Qualifacts CareLogic Impact Outcomes Management ToolProve Your Mission: CareLogic IMPACT Outcomes Tool

CareLogic’s comprehensive outcomes management tool, IMPACT, was specifically designed to help our customers measure and improve clinical improvements. IMPACT has the seamless integration of standardized instruments into the clinical workflow, real-time reporting capabilities and direct EHR integration. In just the past 4 months, providers have completed 40, 279 outcomes measures using CareLogic’s IMPACT tool and the library now offers close to 30 unique instruments.

Watch a short video about CareLogic IMPACT

IMPACT at a Glance:

  • Seamless integration of critical instruments into the clinical workflow
  • Direct EHR integration to prevent double entry
  • Expansive collection of standardized instruments
  • Immediate visibility into client progress through embedded trending charts
  • Real-time feedback through automated reporting capabilities


Here’s what IMPACT users have to say:

“Medical staff love it, particularly the trending charts”

“Data from IMPACT instruments is useful as a treatment planning too”

“Clinicians are now able to share outcomes data with clients and families”