Clinical Features

 Qualifacts CareLogic Clinical Features

CareLogic provides clinical managers with a versatile tool-set to manage staff productivity; improve clinical outcomes; and adhere to best practices, agency policies and state and federal standards. Whether you are a counselor, social worker, therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, clinical director, or doctor, CareLogic will provide unparalleled improvements in the ability to see more patients and increase level of care.

What CareLogic Can Do For You:

True collaboration among providers

Client data across all care settings and modalities is captured and organized in one place, including all assessments, treatment plans and progress notes. The single plan of care improves coordination and clinical quality by giving all providers immediate access to crucial client data.

Ensure clinical compliance

Appropriate documentation is automatically tied to billable services to support medical necessity, and information entered into the assessment automatically flows into the treatment plan, which feeds the progress notes and discharge summary.

Direct link to billing

Because service records and documentation automatically flow into the billing engine, clinicians do not have to record services on a separate service tickets. The elimination of this extra step not only makes the process more efficient but it also reduces the risk of mistakes.

Automatic alerts

System-generated alerts immediately notify the clinician and supervisor of missing documentation or incorrect information so errors can be corrected before they reach the billing office.

Concurrent documentation

CareLogic enables collaborative documentation with the consumer during a session allowing for proactive consumer involvement in the therapeutic process, and ensuring accurate documentation, timely billing, and compliance with state and federal standards.

Real-time productivity tracking

Increased supervisor visibility into staff time and performance leads to better accountability, reduced errors, and the opportunity for on-demand coaching.