Qualifacts Knows Colorado

Qualifacts is proud to serve seven behavioral health agencies in the Centennial State.  ur customers in Colorado have collected over $340, 000 in first year Meaningful Use incentive payments!

State Reporting

Qualifacts supports the Colorado Flat File for state reporting as well as the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) file.  Also, to ensure our customers meet state reporting requirements, CareLogic includes functionality enabling agencies to electronically collect, batch and submit required information via the Colorado Client Assessment Record (CCAR).


CareLogic provides the CCAR modules, alerts, and a file extract for reporting to the state of Colorado.

The CCAR modules in CareLogic include:

  • CCAR Indigent Prescreen
  • CCAR Admission
  • CCAR Update
  • CCAR Demographics Update
  • CCAR Update Document
  • Discharge CCAR Document
  • CCAR Output Report

The data from each of these modules can be batched each month, downloaded from CareLogic and immediately uploaded to the state’s pre-edit program. If any errors are found, the batch is backed out. The errors are corrected, and the documents are rebatched.

EDI Files

The following EDI File Types have been built and are available to all customers:

  • Emdeon 837P
  • Emdeon 837I
  • Confinity 837P
  • Colorado Medicaid 837P
  • Medicare 837P

Because CareLogic is a true Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, any new functionality is seamlessly distributed to Colorado customers without upgrades, patches or service interruptions. With this model there is no risk of conflict with a unique, customer-specific configuration requiring extra development time and expense, like with an on-premise system.