Executive Features

 Qualifacts' CareLogic Executive Features

What CareLogic Can Do For You

CareLogic enables the most efficient use of resources so you can allocate more staff time and financial resources to direct care, strengthening your business model and solidifying your agency’s value to the community.

Fast return on Investment (ROI)

The low start-up costs coupled with the increased revenue and decreased operating costs means a quick return on investment.

Increase care coordination, improve clinical outcomes

CareLogic enables collaboration among providers ensuring more coordinated care and ultimately better health outcomes for consumers.

Dramatically improves agency efficiency

CareLogic automates business processes reducing manual intervention required for administrative tasks.

Mitigates risk

Automation, alerts and improved visibility increase compliance and reduce risk of audit findings and take-backs.

High rate of adoption among staff

The familiar, intuitable design means even the most inexperienced technology users quickly become adept at navigating the system, resulting in high levels of satisfaction and reduced need for training and retraining.

“Our administrative needs were immediately reduced because of the efficiency in workflows from CareLogic. For an agency already at capacity, this has a direct impact on the quality of care we can provide clients, ” explains Kim Beauregard, executive director of InterCommunity, Inc in East Hartford, CT.