Qualifacts CareLogic Implementation

Qualifacts offers a rapid implementation methodology that is unmatched by any other vendor in behavioral health.

Our Implementation Process

  • The average implementation timeline is 6 months. That’s half the time of the industry standard (6 months vs. 12-18 months).
  • The ease of use of adopting a SaaS system reduces the time that would traditionally be spent installing both software and hardware.
  • Every implementation includes a straightforward data conversion process, which is included in the cost and project timeline.
  • CareLogic transfers the information and automatically cleans up the records, removing duplicates and eliminating errors.
  • Guarantees integration, because all modules are implemented simultaneously. Users learn how the system is connected from the beginning, which creates a high level of understanding and reduces re-training.
  • Consists of a well-structured training plan using the “Train the Trainer” format.

Take a look at a few examples of our many implementation success stories

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