The People Behind Qualifacts: Mohamed Ibrahim

The People Behind Qualifacts: Mohamed Ibrahim

June 8, 2015 Blog 0 Comments

Meet Mohamed

So Mohamed, what do you do at Qualifacts?

I manage the technical aspects of project execution for the Development Team. I’m still one of the software developers, but I primarily steward the overall technical design of CareLogic features and the successful technical delivery of these features to the CareLogic community.

What is your favorite thing about helping to develop CareLogic features and functionality?

I love seeing how our customers use the features we develop. That’s really satisfying to me. All software artifacts are intangible. It’s not like we’re making physical widgets that one can see leaving the factory, so when I hear that CareLogic is helping clinicians diagnose clients, I know that I’m playing a part, however small, in helping clinicians perform their work and ultimately making someone’s life better. Behavioral health clients are some of the least served and most misunderstood members of our society, and to know that I’m helping in some way, even a little, is greatly satisfying.

Why does Qualifacts’ mission, “to sustain and extend our customer’s ability to serve, ” matter?

The importance of Qualifacts’ mission became even more evident to me after attending C3 this past March. After the conference, I returned with a different understanding of who our customers are and a stronger desire to not only continue to do my best to sustain and extend our customer’s ability to serve, but to also help make the delivery of these important services easier and as efficient as possible.