New Jersey

Qualifacts Knows New Jersey

Qualifacts is one of the most trusted healthcare technology partners for leading Behavioral health and human services providers in the Garden State. Our 2014 Ambulatory Complete electronic health record (EHR), CareLogic Enterprise, currently provides integrated clinical, financial, reporting and administrative solutions for over 30 behavioral health agencies in the Garden State.

State Reporting: QCMR & USTF

To ensure our customers meet state reporting requirements, CareLogic includes functionality enabling agencies to electronically collect required information for the Quarterly Contract Monitoring Report (QCMR), a state database that provides

The Department Of Human Services with aggregate utilization and cost information for contracted community program services. CareLogic Enterprise includes functionality to support QCMR, so agencies no longer have to manually search for and gather the required data. Rather, the collection of information is integrated into the users’ daily workflow. Currently, the state of New Jersey cannot accept electronic files so agencies must manually populate the state formatted reports and fax them to the state. CareLogic also includes functionality to capture and electronically export mandatory Unified Services Transaction Form (USTF) data to the state of New Jersey. We built this functionality to accommodate our customers and the programs they are currently running. Because CareLogic is a true Software-as-a‐Service (SaaS) platform, any new functionality is seamlessly distributed to New Jersey customers without upgrades, patches or service interruptions.

EDI Files:

The following EDI File Types have been built and are available to all customers:

  • New Jersey Medicare 837P/835
  • New Jersey Medicaid 837P/835

The Perfect Solution for Providers of All Sizes

Qualifacts is revolutionizing EHR affordability by connecting providers to form multi agency collaboratives. Regardless of size or budget constraints, these collaboratives are building strong networks of local peer agencies and creating opportunities for collective cost savings, accelerated return on investment and shared best practices.

What Our New Jersey Customers Are Saying:

“For CPNJ, the accessibility of Qualifacts’ web-based CareLogic Enterprise made it the right choice for the organization. We are looking forward to having our data in one place, accessible from anywhere – even offline, and analyzing that data with an eye toward improving processes and making strategic decisions.”

– Jim McCreath, Ph.D., president and CEO of CPNJ