Qualifacts Knows Oregon

Qualifacts is one of the most trusted healthcare technology partners for leading behavioral health and human services providers in Oregon. CareLogic currently provides integrated clinical, financial, reporting and administrative solutions for 12 organizations in Oregon.

To ensure our customers meet state reporting requirements, CareLogic includes functionality enabling agencies to electronically collect, batch and submit required information to MOTS State Reporting as well as individual payers. We built this functionality to accommodate our customers and the programs they are currently running.

Because CareLogic is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, any new functionality is seamlessly distributed to Oregon customers without upgrades, patches or service interruptions.

Measures and Outcomes Tracking System (MOTS)

Measures and Outcomes Tracking System (MOTS) is a comprehensive electronic data system used by behavioral health service providers targeting:

  • Improved Care
  • Controlled Costs
  • Shared Information 

Through CareLogic Agencies can..

  • Submit their data directly to the Addictions and Mental Health (AMH) Division’s reporting system.
  • Agencies reporting MOTS information to the state of Oregon can ensure more timely documentation completion, as well as reporting more accurate data.