Qualifacts' CareLogic Outcomes Management Features

Why Organizations Must Manage Performance

  • Improve the lives of those being served
  • Improve overall community impact
  • Share successes
  • Meet payment reform demands (shift from volume to value)
  • Thrive in times of scarcity and plenty
  • Manage and improve effectiveness and efficiency of all aspects of the organization

Qualifacts recognizes that performance management, especially outcomes, can be a scary and daunting process, and that human service organizations often lack the needed resources to implement an efficient and effective performance management system. However, there are many benefits to be gained from implementing a performance management system.

How Measuring performance management data & outcomes will help your organization

  • Maintain and attract funding
  • Work toward measuring and realizing your mission
  • Ensure that your consumers are getting better
  • Make informed operational, program model, and service delivery decisions
  • Monitor and improve processes

How Qualifacts Can Help

  • Provide tools integrated in our EHR, including CareLogic IMPACT (our outcomes management tool), in order to help you improve and/or optimize your performance management system
  • Provide resources to help you in successfully implementing an Outcomes Management Framework in your organization
  • Create a network to share best practices around outcomes in order to learn from others in the field
  • Provide benchmarking outcomes data to feed into your continuous quality improvement/performance improvement program
  • Stay abreast of current research and trends as it related to outcomes measurement, program evaluation, benchmarking, and research to help guide your practice through our Outcomes Education Webinar Series

“Sustainability is directly linked to an organization’s ability to validate and prove progress towards its mission, ” says Christy Winter, LMSW, Manager of Clinical Informatics and Outcomes for Qualifacts. “This is what will define your success now and in the future.”