Qualifacts Story

Qualifacts is the largest provider of Software-as-a-Service and web-based Electronic Health Records for the behavioral health and human services market. Our team helps over 50, 000 behavioral healthcare providers and staff realize improved billing and clinical operations, increased agency revenue, faster payment and better client and staff satisfaction. We know any top EHR vendor can provide the basic tools, so we work to deliver an experience beyond features and functionality. Together with our customers we have built the strongest user community in the industry and a customer forum that directs product development and determines how we spend our resources. It is this customer relationship coupled with our innovative and reliable software that has driven our growth. In the last three years, more behavioral health agencies have selected and implemented Qualifacts’ CareLogic than any other Electronic Health Record.


Originally developed by the internal IT department of a large behavioral health provider, the first version of Qualifacts’ CareLogic was built in the 1980s by a forward-looking group of clinicians and agency administrators. Recognizing the need for an electronic system that would improve agency efficiencies, maximize profitability and advance clinical outcomes, they built a system the industry had never seen – a single application that supported scheduling, clinical content, practice management and billing.

In the late 1990s CareLogic was redesigned as a web-based application on an Oracle platform. This saved the provider thousands of dollars a month in network and infrastructure costs while enabling concurrent documentation for all clinical staff.

When other agencies in the industry began to take note of these benefits, Qualifacts was founded to make the system available to all providers. The company was incorporated in 2000.

In 2006, Qualifacts shifted away from custom development projects to a service-based model. By creating a single platform that is shared by all customers, we are better able to respond to customer needs and changing state and payor requirements. We are able to deliver new features to all providers without service interruptions or additional cost. This revised model also enables a focused, strategic implementation process that results in a fully functioning product in record time.

Qualifacts has a rich history of responding to changing market dynamics and customer needs. We look forward to continuing this tradition and remaining an industry leader and partner to some of the country’s most dedicated behavioral health providers.