Finding the Right EHR for Meaningful Use

Finding the Right EHR for MU

Finding the Right EHR for Meaningful Use

May 27, 2015 0 Comments

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“I Need a Hero – Finding the Right EHR for Meaningful Use 2014 & Beyond” Recorded Webinar

Is your organization using a certified electronic health record that will not only help you receive the maximum incentive payments but also efficiently support the provider and the agency with participation in all of the tech-enabled Healthcare Reform service delivery models and pay-for-performance reimbursement models?

The future of healthcare is here, and in order to thrive, you need to be able to tell the “zeroes” from the “heroes” in the sea of certified EHRs for behavioral health and human services providers.

On this webinar, our speaker Mary Givens Healthcare Reform Manager at Qualifacts, will give you the tools you need to make sound decisions for the future of your organization.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to evaluate certified EHRs with an eye toward usability
  • The key to engineering efficient meaningful use workflows that will support all the various eHealth incentive and penalty programs including PQRS and eRx
  • How to identify certified EHRs that are flexible enough to accommodate differences in workflows among programs and providers
  • How to select a vendor of a certified EHR with the expertise, experience and willingness to support the EPs as they work to meet the measures and participate in emerging models of healthcare
Many Eligible Professionals have opted not to continue with the Meaningful Use program beyond the first year. For many, Meaningful Use is seen as more work than the incentive payments are worth and the Medicare penalties have not been significant enough to motivate Eligible Professionals to continue on with using the EHR in a meaningful way. However, Meaningful Use is still relevant!
Join us for the webinar, “Why Does Meaningful Use Still Matter?” on June 3rd at 2pm/EST 1pm CST which will cover:
  • Why EHR incentive programs are more than just Meaningful Use
  • Why providers will want to make sure their EHR  vendor plans to be certified for Meaningful Use Stage 3
  • An opportunity to ask questions to Healthcare Reform expert, Mary Givens