What You Need to Know Before Entering into a Pay-for-Performance Contract

Pay for performance webinar

What You Need to Know Before Entering into a Pay-for-Performance Contract

October 7, 2016 0 Comments

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Qualifacts thought leaders guide you on managing costs, utilization, and quality

Managed Care is expanding and the days of fee-for-service are waning. Each quarter more states are shifting to a version of pay-for-performance and expecting quality performance outcomes for reimbursement. The successful provider needs to have a dual focus on quality of services while managing costs.

Join us in this upcoming webinar as we discuss what you need to know before entering into a pay-for-performance contract. Our speakers will also share the three key areas of concern — managing cost, managing utilization, and managing quality.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the various versions of Managed Care
  • Understand which entities hold the risk and is that changing
  • Understand programmatic and performance requirements
  • Understand key performance and quality indicators and identify ways to improve them.



Webinar Presenters:

 Mary Givens,  Product Manager of Compliance

Mary is dedicated to educating behavioral health providers about the Meaningful Use Program and helping every eligible professional attest and receive their incentive payment. Mary is the Product Manager of Compliance at Qualifacts. Prior to this role she worked for over 20 years as a LPN, Behavior Intervention Specialist, Director of Program Services, Employment Specialist, and as the Executive Director of a nonprofit. Mary has her Masters in Rehabilitation Administration from the University of San Francisco.

Rachel Clemens, System Consultant Manager

Rachel Clemens, MS, manages the System Consultant team at Qualifacts. She works with agencies through their EHR selection process and assists them in thinking about what their EHR needs to be able to do given the current environment of healthcare and payment reform.

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