Scaling the Managed Care Mountain, Part 2

Scaling the Managed Care Mountain, Part 2

August 31, 2017 0 Comments

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Finance’s role in value-based care

How do you create greater financial predictability for your agency in a value-based care environment?

Billing and finance managers are being asked to manage the financial health of their organizations with less revenue predictability amidst much more complex payment models. In a fee-for-service payment model, the equation was predictable: staff utilization and fixed reimbursement rates drove agency revenue and ultimately, its financial health.

Today’s value-based care environment turns the former approach on its head. Many of today’s value-based care models use a lump sum reimbursement to cover all services for a given time period – regardless of the utilization volume. The reimbursement remains the same, despite the number and type of services provided.

In this webinar, our experts provide insight on how better service utilization and cost can improve business risk management while going beyond revenue reporting to predict revenue impact.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why billing/finance managers must be integrally involved in decisions about client mix and value-based care contracts
  • Learn the types of tools and techniques available that allow the billing/finance manager to have the data required to project financial risk for different contracts
  • Know how to best utilize your EHR to most easily track and monitor cost and margin in the value-based-care world

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