Performance Matters: Prepare for the Shift to Value-Based Care

Performance Matters: Prepare for the Shift to Value-Based Care

October 3, 2016 0 Comments

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Performance Matters: Prepare for the Shift to Value-Based Care

In order to prepare for the shift to value-based care, it is important to build a performance-driven culture that can support measurement and improvement processes. With the establishment of this culture, data that is collected and acted upon helps lead to the delivery of high quality care and improved clinical outcomes.

Join Qualifacts thought leader, Christy Winter, LMSW, who will first take you on a journey through the changes that are emerging in the behavioral health field. She will also share how you can be ready for the coming changes through systematic organizational performance management.

In this webinar, learn concrete ways you can improve performance by:

  • Define and implement a performance improvement program
  • Identify ways to improve performance through simple frameworks
  • Relate how to move beyond reporting to data utilization
  • Develop and foster a performance-driven culture

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