Why Does Meaningful Use Still Matter

Why Does Meaningful Use Still Matter

Why Does Meaningful Use Still Matter

June 1, 2015 0 Comments

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“Why Does Meaningful Use Still Matter (And It Still Does!)” Webinar

Many Eligible Professionals have opted not to continue with the Meaningful Use program beyond the first year. For many, Meaningful Use is seen as more work than the incentive payments are worth and the Medicare penalties have not been significant enough to motivate Eligible Professionals to continue on with using the EHR in a meaningful way. However, Meaningful Use is still relevant!To learn more watch this webinar, “Why Does Meaningful Use Still Matter?” on demand. Our Webinar host, Mary Givens of Qualifacts, will cover the following topics:

– Why EHR incentive programs are more than just Meaningful Use
– Why providers will want to make sure their EHR  vendor plans to be certified for Meaningful Use Stage 3
– An opportunity to ask questions to Healthcare Reform expert, Mary Givens

Meet the Speaker

Mary Givens

Qualifacts’ Product Manager Healthcare Reform

Mary  is dedicated to educating behavioral health providers about the Meaningful Use program and helping every Eligible Professional attest and receive their incentive payment. Mary is the Product Manager Healthcare Reform, and prior to this role she worked for over 20 years providing service in the community as an LPN, Behavior Intervention Specialist, Director of Program Services, Employment Specialist, and as the Executive Director of a nonprofit that served adults and children with developmental disabilities and adults with significant behavioral health issues. Mary has her Masters in Rehabilitation Administration from the University of San Francisco.