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Qualifacts’ CareLogic is for Behavioral Health & Human Services Providers

You Need More Than Technology, You Need a Partner

As your sustainability partner, Qualifacts makes data management, workflow efficiency, outcomes measurement and financial administration easy, empowering your organization to focus on sustainability and growth. Our single system web-based solution, CareLogic, helps manage the day-to-day business needs of your entire organization.

Meet CareLogic

Designed for executives, system administrators and those getting a “first look” at CareLogic, this 60-minute demo will show you how CareLogic and the Software-as-a-Service model give you:

  • Integrated and comprehensive scheduling, clinical, billing and reporting functions
  • Fast implementation and stable rollout across all of your programs
  • Continuous improvement – including ongoing Meaningful Use requirements – without messy upgrades
  • Low costs and high return: Even without ARRA incentives, you can recover your total investment within just 2 months of using the system

CareLogic is designed primarily for organizations with 20 or more employees. The program is used by a wide variety of organizations within the mental/behavioral health specialty including psychiatry, psychology, therapy, counseling, substance abuse, and others. It also supports outpatient, community, residential, and inpatient settings.

We look forward to showing you what the largest provider of web-based electronic health records for the behavioral health and human services market can do for your organization.