Qualifacts Knows Tennessee

Qualifacts is one of the most trusted healthcare technology partners for leading behavioral health and human services providers in the Volunteer State. Serving some of Tennessee’s top providers, our 2014 Ambulatory Complete electronic health record (EHR), CareLogic Enterprise, provides integrated clinical, financial, reporting and administrative solutions specifically designed for behavioral health and human services agencies.

State Reporting

To ensure that our customers meet Tennessee state reporting requirements, CareLogic features Tennessee Crisis Tracking System & TAMHO ( Tennessee Association of Mental Health Organizations) functionality, enabling seamless integration within your normal clinical workflow.

EDI Files

CareLogic offers the following EDI File Types to support the needs of Tennessee providers:

  • Americhoice 837P/835
  • AmerigroupAG 837P/835
  • Medicare 837P/835
  • Safety Net 837P/835
  • VSHP 837P/835

The Perfect Solution for Providers of All Sizes

Qualifacts is revolutionizing EHR affordability by connecting providers to form multi agency collaboratives. Regardless of size or budget constraints, these collaboratives are building strong networks of local peer agencies and creating opportunities for collective cost savings, accelerated return on investment and shared best practices.

What Your Tennessee Peers Are Saying:

“Training our employees was very straightforward. All employees were up and running in the system on Day 1 for go-live.”

“Mary Givens [Qualifacts’ Meaningful Use & Healthcare Reform Project Manager] has been invaluable….If it weren’t for her knowledge, we would have had to hire someone else to help us with the [meaningful use] program.”

-Dr. Lee Solomon, Medical Director at Tennessee’s Behavioral Health Associates