Meeting the Challenges of Whole Person Care in Today’s New Economy of Healthcare

Meeting the Challenges of Whole Person Care in Today’s New Economy of Healthcare

May 11, 2017 Blog 0 Comments

To be a center of excellence in behavioral health and human services, today’s providers are expanding beyond their traditional services to deliver coordinated, whole person care (WPC). While elevating the quality of care for every individual served is rewarding, it is also challenging.

Connect Strategically

In the new economy of healthcare, the ability to connect, exchange, and integrate with other care partners has become vital. This national trend makes the integration of physical health and behavioral health a best practice today, and soon, an industry norm. To thrive in this new environment, leading providers are actively seeking a behavioral health technology partner who can help them utilize technology advantageously across their care network to:

  • Better manage the population served
  • Expedite access to care
  • Control costs

Addressing these essential business outcomes through utilizing technology with their partner, providers can gain a competitive edge for their organizations while delivering ongoing value to the population they serve.

Better Manage Populations while Providing Whole Person Care

Providers who are shifting from treating a diagnosis to treating the whole person are realizing a positive impact on the outcomes of the populations they serve. To achieve this, the following elements are essential:

  • Integrated Primary Care. Adopt the national best practice trend of integrating primary care and behavioral health care.
  • Interdisciplinary Treatment. Provide full support of the ‘Golden Thread’ through collaborating on a single, comprehensive clinical treatment plan.
  • Interoperability. Eliminate the costly, time-intensive, administrative barriers to coordinated care utilizing behavioral health technology and services to simply and securely exchange data.

Expedite Access to Care with Behavioral Health Technology

To expedite access to care for their populations, providers have a challenging task ahead. They must optimize staff efficiency, documentation quality, and security – all while controlling cost.  Providers must also find innovative ways to easily and securely go wherever their clients are located in order to more efficiently deliver care. To help them overcome these challenges, providers should employ:

  • A leading-practice, HIPAA compliant behavioral health mobility solution enabling community-based staff access to critical client information and efficient document services with or without internet access.
  • An EHR SaaS delivery model providing a consistent user experience, accessible through multiple browsers and across any common platform.
  • Master data management technology with advanced data synchronization and reconciliation, auditing, and security capabilities giving peace of mind that client information will not be compromised or lost in the field.

Technology that Fits Today and Tomorrow

You need to stay focused on what matters most – whole person care – while keeping ahead of the accelerating pace of change. Technology and services provided by your behavioral health technology partner should align with and promote your mission while maximizing your revenue opportunity. In doing so, you can create ongoing value and growth for your organization, not only for today but into the future.
Download our brief  on ways you can simplify the complexity of delivering whole person care while keeping ahead of the accelerating pace of change.