It’s hard to imagine a future where leading behavioral healthcare centers won’t be connected to the broader healthcare network. Interoperability – you’ve heard the term and seen the barrage of information surrounding the the essential need for interoperability in healthcare.

For many, one key question persists, “Just how does an organization go about operationalizing and and achieving interoperability?”


OPEN MINDS Market Intelligence Manager, Athena Mandros, in her article, Your Roadmap to Interoperability, provides insight of ‘how to get there’ summarizing the recent OPEN MINDS Technology and Informatics Institute (TII) pre-conference seminar session, Stand Apart – Interoperability’s Strategic Role In Advancing Behavioral Healthcare Transformation, presented by Sharon Hicks, Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS and Gregg Boyle, Chief Product Officer, Qualifacts Systems, Inc.

On a mission to help agencies navigate the road to achieving interoperability and thrive as leading next generation providers, Sharon and Gregg are continuing the discussion they began at TII in an upcoming Behavioral Healthcare Executive sponsored webinar, 10 Considerations: Defining a Strategy for Improving Consumer Outcomes & Increasing Efficiency, on December 8, 2016.

Recognizing that one size does not fit all and no two approaches are alike, Sharon and Gregg intend that this discussion serves as a launch pad you can apply to your agency’s specific circumstances.

Not able to join the webinar live on December 8? Register anyway to get access to the on-demand presentation and slides.

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