Accelerate and Maximize Revenue: CareLogic for Your Finance Team

If you’re manually generating claims and posting payments, your organization is at risk of revenue leakage – not getting paid (in part or in full) for the services provided.

The CareLogic electronic health record (EHR) platform is designed to help behavioral health organizations overcome these challenges with a comprehensive, intelligent claim and billing engine that automatically creates a claim (typically within 24 hours after services are provided).

CareLogic is also designed to help you increase your rate of clean claims and prevent denials since the system has a series of checks and balances alerting you of missing or incomplete information. Alerts are displayed throughout the provider’s workflow so corrections can be made upfront instead of trying to fix information after after the fact.

The CareLogic electronic health record platform also helps you avoid leaving money on the table even after the claim has been filed. Our proprietary My Collections functionality creates an accounts receivables dashboard providing visibility and detail of outstanding items and allows managers to assign specific parts of an aging claims set to individual staff work queues.

Steve Allan, CEO, Options Counseling and Family Services, talks about about how CareLogic has helped his organization be more efficient, streamlining the processes involved with Medicaid billing.

CareLogic for Your Finance Team

  • Maximize revenue for services provided
  • Avoid revenue ‘leakage’
  • Data accuracy/timeliness for decision-making
  • Reduce claim lifecycle, accelerate cash flow
  • Optimize efficiencies
  • Support external audit compliance
  • Create and maintain accurate budgets
  • Gain clear visibility into potential claim issues
  • Process claims correctly the first time
  • Efficiently post payments with 835 and non-835 files

Capabilities at a Glance

  • Automatic claim generation and filing
  • Denial management
  • Automatic payment posting

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