Shopping for an EHR Using a Strategic Approach

Are you part of an EHR search team? If so, you know that it can feel a little overwhelming. Trying to vet dozens of technology vendors and understanding how the nuances of their platforms will meet your business needs is an important yet complex task. We’ve heard this over and over from our customers – […]

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EHR Scorecards: Taking a Quantitative Approach

If your behavioral health and human services organization is shopping around for a new EHR, it may seem like a daunting task to evaluate all of your options and pick the platform that’s right for your organization. You can simplify the complexity associated with the evaluation process using an objective, data-driven approach. This reduces your […]

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10 Implementation Questions You Should Be Asking

If your team is taking a fresh look at your EHR technology options, evaluating each vendor’s implementation methodology and track record can help you avoid snafus down the line. Keep in mind that even if you select a cloud-based system, you will need to work with vendor in order to import your data into the […]

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5 Essential Elements of a Strategic Plan for EHR Buyers

In a way, your electronic health record (EHR) platform serves as the backbone of your organization. It touches nearly every aspect of your daily operations and is used by team members in clinical, administrative, financial and executive roles enterprise-wide. That’s why it’s so critical that you develop a comprehensive strategic plan as part of your […]

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4 Telltale Signs That You Might Need a New EHR

We get it. Your team has been complaining about your current EHR. But, you’re not quite sure if you’re ready to make the leap. While there isn’t a “perfect” length of time in terms of how long you should hold on to your existing platform, there are several symptoms of underperforming technology. Check out our […]

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Strategies for Simplifying Outcome Measure Based Treatment Planning

Register today for our February 28 webinar! The planning, management and delivery of care is often riddled with complexity. Clients aren’t one dimensional. Co-occurring disorders are common. Relapses and readmissions, unfortunately, do happen.   While there are evidence-based best practices for behavioral and medical treatment, care is certainly not “one-size-fits-all”. The sheer volume of factors […]

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How to Setup and Maintain Effective Outcomes Management Programs

Creating effective outcomes management programs is a vital part of delivering quality care. By developing a continuous feedback loop and making adjustments accordingly, you can support better outcomes and help clients progress towards their individual goals and objectives more efficiently. In general, there are four key components of outcomes management programs: Planning and settings goals […]

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How to Buy an EHR: Navigate your next EHR search like a pro

Register today for our Dec. 12 webinar A few times in your career, you may get the chance to make a decision that makes a long-lasting impact on your organization and the people you serve. Buying an EHR is one of those times. In any behavioral health and human services organization, the EHR is the […]

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Helping Your Organization Adapt to Managed Care: A Checklist Tool

A few times in your career, you may get the chance to make a decision that makes a long-lasting impact on your organization and the people you serve. Buying an EHR is one of those times. Analyzing and selecting the right EHR for your organization’s needs takes a multidisciplinary, methodical approach.

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