[Industry News + Resource] RCM Trends You Need to Know That Are Only Going to Accelerate

Behavioral health and human services organizations are starting to think differently about revenue cycle management. One of the primary factors driving this change is that fee-for-service is being replaced by more complex, alternative payment models like bundled and capitated payments. Given these seismic shifts, provider organizations need the right tools, data and insights to ensure […]

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[Industry News + Webinar] Are You EVV Ready?

Do you provide care in your community? If so, there are some regulatory changes headed your way that will impact how you work. Under the 21st Century Cures Act, a $6.3 billion piece of legislation that was signed into law under the Obama administration, Medicaid-funded providers nationwide will be required to adopt new technology to […]

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Advancements in Precision Medicine for Behavioral Health

In a few years, will the intake process for individuals with behavioral health issues include a simple blood test or MRI as the first step in building an effective treatment plan? Today, most behavioral health diagnoses are formed using client-reported information. Though, we may start to see new care models that actually analyze their condition […]

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3 Important Advancements in Treatment Planning

What’s interesting about working in healthcare is the pace of change. Research continues to explore new therapies, medications and interventions with the aim of continuing to raise the bar in care quality and effectiveness. In parallel, innovations in new technology are helping clinicians deliver better care. Working together these are poised to bring forth exciting […]

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3 MIPS Mistakes To Avoid

The Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is one of the most talked about value-based reimbursement models but there is still a lot of confusion about how providers participate. If you’re organization is enrolled in year two of this program, you’ve likely learned a lot. But, given the ever-changing nature of this government-funded model, it’s important […]

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Helping Your Organization Adapt to Managed Care: A Checklist Tool

A few times in your career, you may get the chance to make a decision that makes a long-lasting impact on your organization and the people you serve. Buying an EHR is one of those times. Analyzing and selecting the right EHR for your organization’s needs takes a multidisciplinary, methodical approach.

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Shopping for an EHR Using a Strategic Approach

Are you part of an EHR search team? If so, you know that it can feel a little overwhelming. Trying to vet dozens of technology vendors and understanding how the nuances of their platforms will meet your business needs is an important yet complex task. We’ve heard this over and over from our customers – […]

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