SAMHSA Offers Up to 74 New CCBHC Expansion Grants for Community Behavioral Health Agencies

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought increased demand and support for behavioral healthcare services on a national level, including Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs). Sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), CCBHCs provide 24/7 crisis intervention services for individuals with serious mental illness (SMI) or substance use disorders (SUD), including opioid […]

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HHS Extends Emergency Declaration Easing Telehealth Restrictions Amid COVID-19

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has extended support for providers during the ongoing pandemic, renewing the COVID-19 national public health emergency declaration. This 90 day extension takes effect on Oct. 23 and unlocks key flexibilities at the federal and local levels to aid counties in their ongoing efforts to respond to […]

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In A Global Pandemic the Winner is Virtual Care

The results are in … and the winner is virtual care. It may have taken a global pandemic to prove the point, but virtual care, including telemental health, has become — almost overnight — an essential component of the behavioral healthcare toolbox. And its prominence in the big picture is unlikely to lessen even after […]

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CareLogic’s Multifaceted Functionality Supports CCBHCs’ Unique Needs

Becoming a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic, or CCBHC, is a milestone for any behavioral health provider. It’s a long process, and getting there requires a great deal of technical support. A Growing Partnership Qualifacts is proud to recognize more than a dozen of its clients that have been named to the 2020 expansion class […]

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Telehealth Takes Off as a Rapidly Deployable, Effective Solution During Pandemic

Special Guest: Qualifacts’ Gary V. Broadbent, LCSW, JD/MBA, is the former Director of Tele-Behavioral Health at Banner Health. Under his direction tele-behavioral health sessions were conducted by providers to clients of all ages in a variety of settings and geographic locations. Behavioral health and human services professionals are used to thinking on their feet. Reacting […]

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Days Instead of Weeks: Digitally Preparing For a Remote Workforce

When it became clear that the threat of COVID-19, or novel Coronavirus, would mean a major disruption in daily operations, the Qualifacts IT teams were ready. Even so, the best-laid emergency plans can be a struggle to implement when you’re shortening timelines from weeks, even months, to a few days, says Chad Strange, Qualifacts Director […]

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How To Find The Right EHR

A few points to consider when getting started Evaluating, purchasing and implementing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is a massive undertaking. It’s a complex, multifaceted task that most behavioral health professionals have never done, or maybe have done only once, in their professional lives. For that reason alone, many approach EHR evaluation with dread, […]

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