Behavioral Health Organizations Grade Their EVV Readiness

We partnered with Behavioral Healthcare Executive to host a webinar about The 21st Century Cures Act’s Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) mandate and how that is expected to impact behavioral health and human services organizations next year. During this event, Jeff Silverman, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Qualifacts, provided an executive overview of the new […]

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3 EHR Interoperability Best Practices for Behavioral Health

Contributor: Angela Ball, Manager of Integrations Practice Services at Qualifacts You know it’s possible. Interoperability. The exchange of information from one platform or organization with the next. But, with a finite amount of time and resources, how do you prioritize this within your organization? Which workgroups and workflows should be connected with others in order […]

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RCM Trends You Need to Know That Are Only Going to Accelerate

Behavioral health and human services organizations are starting to think differently about revenue cycle management. One of the primary factors driving this change is that fee-for-service is being replaced by more complex, alternative payment models like bundled and capitated payments. Given these seismic shifts, provider organizations need the right tools, data and insights to ensure […]

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The Surprising Role of Shame in Co-occurring Disorders

Many studies have explored the strong link between behavioral health issues and substance use disorders – also known as a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. Recently researchers conducted a study to identify other factors that may also be prevalent among individuals with that diagnosis. Scientists at the University of Manitoba interviewed 210 students to see […]

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The Link Between Maternal Stress and Mental Health Issues in Children

New research indicates that maternal stress experienced as a result of losing a loved one can actually increase the child’s risk of developing mental health issues later on in life. Two Stanford researchers, Maya Rossin-Slater, PhD, assistant professor of health research and policy, and Petra Persson, PhD, assistant professor of economics, evaluated the medical records […]

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Advancements in Precision Medicine for Behavioral Health

In a few years, will the intake process for individuals with behavioral health issues include a simple blood test or MRI as the first step in building an effective treatment plan? Today, most behavioral health diagnoses are formed using client-reported information. Though, we may start to see new care models that actually analyze their condition […]

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3 Important Advancements in Treatment Planning

What’s interesting about working in healthcare is the pace of change. Research continues to explore new therapies, medications and interventions with the aim of continuing to raise the bar in care quality and effectiveness. In parallel, innovations in new technology are helping clinicians deliver better care. Working together these are poised to bring forth exciting […]

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3 MIPS Mistakes To Avoid

The Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is one of the most talked about value-based reimbursement models but there is still a lot of confusion about how providers participate. If you’re organization is enrolled in year two of this program, you’ve likely learned a lot. But, given the ever-changing nature of this government-funded model, it’s important […]

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Helping Your Organization Adapt to Managed Care: A Checklist Tool

A few times in your career, you may get the chance to make a decision that makes a long-lasting impact on your organization and the people you serve. Buying an EHR is one of those times. Analyzing and selecting the right EHR for your organization’s needs takes a multidisciplinary, methodical approach.

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