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Managed care demands changes in all parts of a behavioral health organization—from clinical services to finance to staff utilization to administration. To serve clients effectively and manage the business side of the organization well, behavioral health organizations often find that they face challenges in three critical business areas: Maintaining revenue integrity Access to data Driving […]

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Defining the Provider’s Role in Value-Based Care

Defining the Provider’s Role in Value-Based Care Moving to managed care can change workflow but create new opportunities for providers Moving to value-based care means changes for all parts of the behavioral health organization. When an organization moves to value-based care, it is usually clear that providers are a critical part of reimagining the work. […]

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How Savvy Behavioral Health Leaders Shift to Value-Based Care

Scaling the Managed Care Mountain Webinar Series In webinars over the past few weeks, Qualifacts and several of our clients have shared insights on how savvy behavioral health agencies are shifting to value-based care. In this series, we shared the roles for providers, finance, and executives in preparing and guiding the organization through change management […]

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Improving Key Metrics | Ready for the Future

YOU, Inc., Success Story Using Qualifacts®’ EHR Platform, CareLogic® “Our partnership with Qualifacts is positioning us for the future.”  – Jonathan Miller, Chief Information Officer, Youth Opportunities Upheld, Worcester, Massachusetts. Success and growth across its 45 programs at 32 sites led Youth Opportunities Upheld (YOU, Inc.) to search for a new EHR platform to support […]

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Qualifacts Wins Massachusetts Innovation Leadership Grants To Support Child And Adolescent Outcomes Reporting for Customers

The Massachusetts eHealth Institute (MeHI) at MassTech has recognized Qualifacts and three of its customers — Youth Opportunities Upheld, Inc., Family Service Association of Fall River, and Behavioral Health Network, Inc., — in the state with a grant award to support MeHI’s CBHI CANS (Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths) Interface Development Grant program. The […]

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Highland River Center Success Story using Qualifacts’ EHR platform, CareLogic®

“CareLogic is so much better than what we had – the clinical forms, documentation, and schedule. Everything is so much better.”  Cheryl Lewis, Director of Outpatient Services, Highland River Center, Georgia Highland River Center was challenged to efficiently meet the ever-changing requirements for full documentation to support clean and accurate claims. They wanted a more efficient, […]

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Making Data-Driven Decisions | Improving Efficiency of Service Delivery, Resources Allocation, and Reimbursement Management

Qualifacts® Case Study | Milestone Centers, Inc. “We’re realigning our whole strategic trajectory towards a new environment, for this new, more networked, managed care, community-based environment.”    – Scott Douglass, Director of Quality, Milestone Centers, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA With regulators and payers driving the shift from fee-for-service payments to value-based care, providers and behavioral health […]

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Meeting the Challenges of Whole Person Care in Today’s New Economy of Healthcare

To be a center of excellence in behavioral health and human services, today’s providers are expanding beyond their traditional services to deliver coordinated, whole person care (WPC). While elevating the quality of care for every individual served is rewarding, it is also challenging. Connect Strategically In the new economy of healthcare, the ability to connect, […]

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