Making Data-Driven Decisions | Improving Efficiency of Service Delivery, Resources Allocation, and Reimbursement Management

Qualifacts® Case Study | Milestone Centers, Inc. “We’re realigning our whole strategic trajectory towards a new environment, for this new, more networked, managed care, community-based environment.”    – Scott Douglass, Director of Quality, Milestone Centers, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA With regulators and payers driving the shift from fee-for-service payments to value-based care, providers and behavioral health […]

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Meeting the Challenges of Whole Person Care in Today’s New Economy of Healthcare

To be a center of excellence in behavioral health and human services, today’s providers are expanding beyond their traditional services to deliver coordinated, whole person care (WPC). While elevating the quality of care for every individual served is rewarding, it is also challenging. Connect Strategically In the new economy of healthcare, the ability to connect, […]

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It is Time for Technology to Give You a Strategic Edge

What technology do providers need to gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving marketplace? For the past decade, community behavioral healthcare providers needed technology to meet three primary business requirements: Accurately bill a limited number of payers for services Meet state and federal regulatory requirements Automate compliance reporting. Given these three business needs, technology […]

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6 Tips to Succeed with MACRA MIPS

  By now, you know the eligibility requirements, know you are an “eligible clinician”, and know you have a certified EHR (2014 edition or later). All you have to do now is to commit to participating in MACRA’s MIPS program on some level in 2017. Qualifacts subject matter experts, Mary Givens and Rachel Clemens, share […]

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