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CareLogic mental health EHR platform helps California behavioral health and human services providers achieve their clinical and organizational objectives.

We engage with California providers, helping to tailor the best electronic health record solution for their specific needs including: configurable workflows and forms, billing, reporting and interoperability to fit their unique business requirements.

LA County providers share their experience in adopting CareLogic for their agencies

Analytics that puts data to work

If you’re in a leadership role within a behavioral health and human services provider, you understand the business value of reporting and how to use data. But are you working for that data, or is it working for you? The CareLogic Analytics Platform allows users to dive deeper into data — and turn it into actionable insights.

CareLogic Analytics provides your organization with quick access to data visualization and reporting tools specifically designed to suit the needs of behavioral health and human services providers. Streamline your team’s work with included industry-standard dashboards, reports, and customization tools. Our quick and reliable reporting and data filtering tools ensure that your organization can spend time acting on the data that matters – not on sifting through extraneous information or waiting for slow and clunky platforms to respond.

And the new ODBC/JDBC Connector in CareLogic Analytics allows your organization to use the analytics tools and data warehouses of your choice. You can pull from multiple data sources using the tools you’re familiar with to create dashboards, visualizations, and new data-driven insights. You can even flow data directly into spreadsheets for flexible access and ease of use.

CareLogic Analytics allows organizations to create custom dashboards and more than span the clinical, administrative and financial aspects of operations. You have the data; let our analytics create the pathway to data-driven decisions that provide a clear line of sight into virtually every aspect of client care and outcomes.

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IBHIS, Interoperability and intra-agency reporting

The onset of Value-Based Care in California means that healthcare providers must evolve toward a more collaborative care model to be as successful as possible. This means they must work more closely with County Organized Health Systems and across the entire Medi-Cal care continuum to demonstrate reduced waste and improved outcomes. CareLogic can help you connect with other systems and organizations — and make the right connections internally — to break down data silos.

To aid Los Angeles County providers in achieving interoperability, CareLogic is an IBHIS-certified EHR. IBHIS is the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health’s (LAC DMH) secure, electronic Health Information Exchange (HIE) system, promoting interoperability and improved client care.

We understand that when information isn’t integrated, it can be extremely challenging to align all clinical documentation. That’s why CareLogic automates many of the processes required to consistently document information related to assessments, diagnoses, treatment plans and claims.

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Association Partners

Qualifacts, along with OPEN MINDS, recently partnered with The California Council of Community Behavioral Health Agencies (CCBHA) at their inaugural Behavioral Health Conference, BHCalCon19 to present Executive Seminars focused on value-based care and reimbursement in California. The seminars presented strategies for organizations interested in learning more about the transition from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement models.

We have made these Executive Seminars available to all California providers through the Value Based Community for Behavioral Health, VBCforBH.com. Click here to access them!

What California Customers Are Saying

When we were introduced to CareLogic, it was a no-brainer to acquire the product as soon as possible. Finally, we had found an EHR that provided true value. Each and every step of our clinical process was supported. We could create specific work paths for each of our employees that not only met the reporting requirements of Los Angeles County, but also actually supported their training and the process itself. No longer would we have to shoehorn our processes into an unintuitive kluge application; CareLogic would guide our clinicians through OUR process.

Violence Intervention Program

— Erik R. Surwill, Director of Information and Communications Technology, VIP Community Mental Health Center

Read more about the innovative partnership between Qualifacts and VIP Community Mental Health Center.

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