Access the Data You Need to Make Data-Driven Clinical, Operational and Administrative Decisions

If you’re like most behavioral healthcare organizations, extracting information from your electronic health record (EHR) platform is a vital part of your operations. With CareLogic, you can you can easily run comprehensive standard and custom reports for quality metrics, audit preparation and to meet state reporting requirements while minimizing the administrative burden on staff.

Qualifacts has currently supports state reporting in a growing number of states to meet reimbursement requirements for local funding sources. We have tremendous experience both developing and supporting state reporting, regardless of the complexity. As an example, we most recently implemented a highly complex new system for Georgia that included 2,500 unique data fields; three different file formats to support eligibility, authorization, and discharge; integrated feeds from the state to process “response” files based on nine different file formats and integrated state reporting functionality within our outcomes management platform (IMPACT) to include both CANS and ANSA reporting requirements.

CareLogic also supports reporting to meet a variety of government incentive programs including Meaningful Use, MACRA MIPS and the CCBHC pilot program.

In addition to accessing standard reports, you can also build your own custom reports and build KPI dashboards to monitor the metrics that matter for your organization and make data-driven decisions in real-time.

With CareLogic Analytics, your organization can enjoy easy and flexible access to the data you need. In addition to a host of included reports and dashboards and the ability to design your own, you can use CareLogic Analytics to drive helpful visualizations while accessing and filtering data in real-time for quick workflows.

CareLogic’s upcoming platform, CareLogic Analytics Advanced, will take data organization and visualization to the next level. With embedded visualizations, drag-and-drop creation tools for dashboards, and the ability to embed reports and dashboards, CareLogic Analytics Advanced empowers you to tailor data visualization to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Meanwhile, the new ODBC/JDBC Connector in CareLogic Analytics allows your organization to use the analytics tools and data warehouses of your choice. You can pull from multiple data sources using the tools you’re familiar with to create dashboards, visualizations, and new data-driven insights. You can even flow data directly into spreadsheets for flexible access and ease of use.

Data has never been more important in behavioral health and human services. And, making that information easily accessible and digestible is a crucial aspect of delivering quality care. In this clip, Aaron Hall Vice President of Information Technology at Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System, talks about how he configures his instance of CareLogic to create custom reporting views that enable his team to make more informed decisions.

Easily Extract Critical Information From Your EHR Platform

Financial Reports

  • 835 Claim Denial – provides details about 835 claims denied by payers
  • Aging Claims – Provides a breakdown of outstanding claims by payer and/or guarantor
  • Aging by Program – Provides a breakdown of outstanding claims by program and payer and/or guarantor
  • All Claims by Guarantor – Lists all claims that were generated for a selected payer for services in a date range

Client Care Reports

  • Active Clients – Offers a comprehensive list of clients currently receiving care for caseworkers, program managers and directors
  • Activity Statistics – Provides a breakdown of demographic statistics for clients with a “kept” activity during a selected date range
  • Admissions/Discharges – Lists admissions and discharges that occurred in the selected date range
  • Outcomes – View client outcomes by service

With CareLogic, you can select from 100+ standard reports to monitor key metrics to help optimize health outcomes, monitor key financial metrics, qualify for state and federal grants and participate in many reimbursement models that require reporting on key clinical quality measures.

Capabilities at a Glance

  • Performance dashboards
  • Analytics and reports – Utilization, Cost, Outcomes, Productivity, Referrals, Revenue
  • Create custom dashboards and reports
  • ODBC/JDBC Connector for flexible data access

With CareLogic, you can easily access important information to make data-driven decisions, optimize care delivery and monitor progress towards operational and financial goals.

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