Boost Your Clean Claims Rate and Make Audits a Breeze with the CareLogic Claims Engine and Advanced Golden Thread Capabilities

Getting claims filed quickly and accurately is critical for the financial health of your organization. That’s why CareLogic is designed to help you generate clean claims and send them to government and commercial payers. Instead of manually transferring client data from one system to another or filling out paperwork by hand, CareLogic automatically creates the claim after services are provided – helping you save loads of time.

CareLogic is also designed to help behavioral healthcare providers boost their rate of clean claims and prevent denials. Since our electronic health record (EHR) platform is designed specifically for behavioral healthcare providers, the system has a series of checks and balances alerting you of missing or incomplete information.

And, since the alerts are displayed on your dashboard throughout the provider’s workflow, you can make corrections as needed instead of trying to fix information after services are provided.

The CareLogic electronic health record platform also helps you avoid leaving money on the table even after the claim has been filed. You can monitor claims that haven’t been paid yet and view the timely filing deadline for each claim.

CareLogic Analytics’ toolset allows you to quickly generate reports with breakdowns of claims, so you can keep your billing and revenue process as efficient as possible. Easily track relevant metrics and expedite your reporting by utilizing the multitude of reports included out-of-the-box, or enjoy the ability to customize your own with our easy-to-use creation tools.

The new ODBC/JDBC Connector in CareLogic Analytics allows your organization to use the analytics tools and data warehouses of your choice. You can pull from multiple data sources using the tools you’re familiar with to create dashboards, visualizations, and new data-driven insights. You can even flow data directly into spreadsheets for flexible access and ease of use.

Steve Allan, CEO, Options Counseling and Family Services, talks about using CareLogic to simplify service documentation. Why is this so important? When services are provided, yet not documented, they fall through the cracks and are unbillable in most instances.

Simplify the Process of Submitting Claims and Collecting Revenue

  • Accelerate revenue collection – claims are batched and submitted automatically each day for billable activities marked as “kept”
  • Intelligent claim engine verifies that all of the information needed to create a claim is present as well as checking that documentation for the service has been completed and signed by everyone required
  • Stop leaving money on the table due to insufficient information, such as a missing rate, authorization or treatment plan
  • Simplify the process of creating clean claims – providers simply list the service provided and CareLogic generates the correct procedure code
  • Easily pull reports to view outstanding guarantor balances and print client statements locally at your office
  • Simplify your accounts receivable workflow – when CareLogic processes payments, it automatically matches them to open claims and prepares the next action such as creating a secondary claim or generating a client billing statement
  • Manually enter self-pay payment for client co-pays and deductibles, view guarantor balances and CareLogic will auto-post the payments

Capabilities at a Glance

  • Intelligent claim engine
  • Automated claim validation/error check
  • Review, resolve, process, and override failed claims
  • Access, view, adjust, reverse and batch claims
  • Generate and print client statements
  • Print and Download HCFA/CMS1500 and UB04 claims (Professional and Institutional Claims)
  • Included and customizable reports in CareLogic Analytics
  • Support for third party analytics tools and data warehouses with CareLogic Connector
  • Print and Download 837 files
  • Print and Download 837I and 837P files
  • Approve cash sheets
  • Post payments
  • Match reimbursements with claims

Discover how CareLogic can help you make data driven clinical, operational and administrative decisions with analytics and reporting.

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