Support the "Triple Aim" of Improved Health Outcomes, Better Patient Care and Lower Costs

Helping clients become more engaged and make informed decisions related to their health is an important part of their overall plan of care. In addition to helping individuals feel more empowered about taking control of their lives, studies have shown that behavioral healthcare providers that emphasize patient engagement report better client outcomes, lower costs, a better quality of care and increased client retention rates.

CareLogic can help you more effectively engage your clients since our EHR platform offers a patient portal that supports your goals of increasing consumer participation in their care. Leveraging our secure, web-based system, you can send messages and clinical documentation to clients under your care.

Since CareLogic is highly interoperable, we can also help you integrate with a variety of consumer engagement software vendors like myStrength, ClientTell and Vital Interaction.

  • Facilitating ongoing communication between patients and physicians via apps and online portal can improve engagement rates by 60% or higher.1
  • Texting patients can increase medication adherence for chronic disease patients from 50% to 67.8%, or a 17.8% overall increase.2
  • Increased online client involvement can result in a 90% satisfaction rate for both patients and physicians.3

Leverage an Interoperable EHR Platform to Support Consumer Engagement

  • Improves health literacy
  • Simplifies the complexity of navigating the care continuum
  • Supports increased adherence to the client’s plan of care
  • Helps clients make informed decisions
  • Facilitates shared decision-making
  • Supports Meaningful Use Stage 3 and MACRA MIPS requirements

Capabilities at a Glance

  • Interoperable platform
  • Consumer messaging/CCDA delivery
  • Online patient portal

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