Customize EHR Workflows to Collect Organization-Specific Documentation

Has your organization built on evidence-based best practices to develop your own unique approach to care? If so, you need an electronic health record (EHR) platform that can help you develop rich clinical documentation that mirrors your unique workflows.

Using CareLogic’s configurable forms, you can build organization-specific service documents for greater flexibility and ease-of-use to help staff maximize their time and adhere to state-specific outcomes reporting and documentation requirements.

Using the configurable forms tool, you can build custom screens that define the type of information that providers should collect for different aspects of care. Your system administrator can then configure comprehensive and unique service documents by combining both custom screens that you create and standard forms that that come with CareLogic, right out of the box.

Flexible EHR platforms that mirror your workflows have never been more important. In this brief video, Andrea Ettingoff, Director of Clinical and Quality Affairs at Children’s Crisis Treatment Center, talks about how her team uses configurable forms within CareLogic to deliver on their mission of providing trauma-informed care.


Use Form “Building Blocks” to Optimize Care Delivery

  • Easily build templates using a configurable forms wizard that walks you through the process of creating a new form
  • Customize workflows by adding fields and business rules and enables administrators to preview forms for accuracy for publishing
  • A service document can consist of any number of combined configurable forms, standard modules and order modules to document the entire care encounter
  • Using the configurable form tool, you can add custom fields in CareLogic enabling you to capture and pull reports on that data

Capabilities at a Glance

  • Build location-specific service documentation
  • Business rule driven forms
  • Preview capability prior to deployment

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