Address Patient Safety Concerns and Reduce the Potential for Error by Managing Prescriptions Online

Given the complexity of today’s behavioral healthcare landscape, it’s no surprise that thousands of Americans experience adverse drug events (ADE) each year as the result of misuse, misunderstanding or miscommunication. With CareLogic, you can substantially reduce the risk of errors and improve patient safety by prescribing medications electronically – all in a single, easy-to-use workflow.

Using the CareLogic EHR platform, you can create and send prescription orders to pharmacies electronically and bypass the manual tasks of handwriting or faxing prescriptions.

The CareLogic system not only captures and transmits information securely to pharmacies, it can also prevent users from entering information incorrectly with Alerts that notify users of inaccurate dosages, potentially adverse interactions and incomplete prescription orders.

Using our streamlined, intuitive ePrescribing module, you can save time on administrative work, focus on delivering compassionate care and support better health outcomes by reducing the risks associated with human error.

Enhance Quality of Care and Streamline Workflows

  • Create “favorites” to streamline the prescription of common medications
  • View and print detailed reports of a client’s current medication list
  • Prescribing activity is automatically synced to the CareLogic platform
  • Reduce your risk of prescription drug errors due to mistakes when reading a handwritten prescription
  • Robust clinical decision support improves client safety with checks and balances for dosage and duplicate therapy alerts
  • Meets meaningful use requirements for electronic prescriptions
  • Automatically adds a note in the system when a client fills the prescription
  • Facilitates e-prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS)

Capabilities at a Glance

  • Send prescription order electronically
  • Adverse interaction alerts

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