Support Better Client Outcomes With an Integrated, Comprehensive Screening, Assessment and Outcome Instruments

If you’re a behavioral healthcare provider, you need an electronic health record (EHR) vendor that can help you support the Golden Thread and demonstrate the value of the programs and services that you offer.

CareLogic helps you demonstrate clinical progress within and across episodes of care with a library of research-backed instruments. To help you link assessment results with the client’s treatment plan and reduce your risk of manual error, scores are automatically fed into the module to help you create more effective Goals and Objectives.

With CareLogic IMPACT, you can access a library of research-backed instruments that can help you track clinical progress over time. To support a wide range of behavioral healthcare services, CareLogic IMPACT offers instruments customized to measure changes in symptoms related to addiction, mental health, general health and well-being, functioning, domestic violence, medication monitoring, disability and trauma issues.

CareLogic IMPACT PRO, or Patient Reported Outcomes, brings the power of assessments to the hands of your consumers. CareLogic IMPACT Pro allows clients to complete IMPACT outcomes instruments electronically either at check in or prior to their appointment. Responses are seamlessly recorded into the client’s electronic record and available immediately for discussion during their appointment.

Using our enhanced outcomes management platform, you can administer evidenced-based clinical assessment and outcomes instrument and access real‐time data on consumer progress. At the core, CareLogic is designed to help you identify opportunities for improvement in service delivery and support better outcomes by measuring client progress along the way.

IMPACT for Outcomes Management Areas of Focus

  • General Symptoms
  • Functioning
  • Specific Symptoms – Anxiety
  • Specific Symptoms – Depression
  • Specific Symptoms ‐ Psychosis
  • Addiction
  • Trauma
  • Medication Monitoring
  • General Health + Disability Screening
  • Risk Assessment
  • Domestic Violence Screening Tools

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