Leverage an iOS/Android Compatible Mobile EHR Solution at the Point of Care - Regardless of Internet Connectivity

The flexibility and convenience of using a mobile EHR (EMR) app to provide behavioral health services to individuals in your community is more important now than ever. However, mobile electronic health record (EHR) app systems must be able to overcome the challenges associated with documenting assessments, treatment plans and progress notes even where internet connectivity is unavailable or unreliable.

That’s why the CareLogic EHR platform offers the CareLogic Mobile app. It gives staff members working in the field the ability to operate in disconnected mode, with access to critical information about consumers and the ability to efficiently document services electronically.

The CareLogic EHR app is designed to improve productivity by allowing team members the use of key EHR functionality, even without internet access. After users return to the office and connect their device to the internet, the data is synced into the CareLogic electronic health records platform – seamlessly updating the client record.

Plus, it’s highly secure. Data is always encrypted in the mobile app and it even offers geolocation stamping, which documents the exact location of the device during a session, so you can monitor staff when they’re off-site.

Aaron Hall Vice President of Information Technology at Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System, shares how his team leverages the CareLogic Mobile EHR application.

Leverage CareLogic Mobile EHR Wherever Care is Needed

  • Simplify the complexity of community-based care
  • Access client records while in the field
  • Scheduling allows you to view, change or add appointments on the go
  • Easily document and capture signatures for assessments, treatment plans and progress notes for clients assigned to your caseload
  • One Device functionality: Access to both CareLogic Mobile and Web from a single tablet
  • Meets Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the National Institute of Standards (NIST) certification for FIPS 140-2

Capabilities at a Glance

  • Mobile EHR app compatible with most Apple and Android tablets
  • Easily sync with the CareLogic EHR platform
  • Encrypted data stored locally, which is not dependent on internet access
  • Collect external signatures on any document
  • View information quickly and easily including: vitals, medications/allergies, outcomes data, service documentation, payers and authorizations, service history, contact Information

Clinician Dashboard

  • Caseload Search – Search caseload based on Client Name, Client ID, and Client Number
  • Incomplete Tasks – One tap access to complete incomplete documents, non-statused appointments, or open sessions started while offline
  • Upcoming Client Appointments – Quickly add new or access existing appointments
  • Expiring Documents – One click access to the list of documents that are expired or expiring within the next 7 days
  • Last Seen – Know when clients were last seen in one click


  • Appointments – View and manage client and group appointments
  • One tap access – With one tap users can status the appointment, access the client’s record or navigate to the service document

Client Facesheet

  • Upcoming Appointments – Quick access to the client’s future appointments with easy access to status an appointment or start an associated document
  • Incomplete Tasks – View and complete all pending tasks with single tap access
  • New Document – Quick access to begin a new document for the client
  • Message Board – Visibility into all client messages
  • Start/Stop Session Timer in The Client Record- Enables clinicians to manage unscheduled appointments and complete concurrent documentation while tracking and storing GPS coordinates for the sesssion

Client Summary – Efficiently access case record information

  • Tasks
  • Contact Info with Maps Integration
  • Client Relationships
  • Vitals with Trending
  • Medications and Allergies
  • CareLogic | IMPACTTM
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Service History
  • Diagnosis
  • Client Photo

Everything you need to document services delivered in the community

  • Assessment
  • Treatment Plan
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Progress Notes
  • Agency-Specific Configurable Forms

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