Improve Productivity and Operate More Efficiently at the Front Desk and in the Field

If you work in a behavioral healthcare organization, you know that scheduling can really be a headache if you don’t have the right technology in place. That’s why we designed the CareLogic EHR platform to overcome this all-to-common pain point by intelligently connecting that information in real-time with other critical workflows. Since scheduling data isn’t kept in a silo, CareLogic eliminates what would otherwise create redundant work for employees in your organization.

And, it’s easy to use! CareLogic is optimized to prevent errors associated with scheduling, helping front desk staff save time and optimize resources by alerting them of potential issues in real-time – enabling you to make corrections while in your existing workflows.

The tools in CareLogic Analytics will speed up and simplify your organization’s existing workflows, from scheduling to claims generation and beyond. CareLogic Analytics allows you to quickly generate compliance and quality reports, with a host of included reports, and tools to design your own to suit the needs of your organization. CareLogic Analytics also helps you track and visualize scheduling and appointment data over time, so you can find ways to streamline your scheduling practices and make them more patient-friendly.


And the new ODBC/JDBC Connector in CareLogic Analytics allows your organization to use the analytics tools and data warehouses of your choice. You can pull from multiple data sources using the tools you’re familiar with to create dashboards, visualizations, and new data-driven insights. You can even flow data directly into spreadsheets for flexible access and ease of use.

  • Scheduling + Staff Shift Information – Easily identify the right provider by specialty and availability to make it easier for front desk staff members to schedule new appointments and match clients with the right provider by payer for more reimbursable claims
  • Scheduling + Claim Engine – When appointments are marked as “Kept” by clinicians, that data automatically populates information needed to generate a clean claim
  • Scheduling + Global Database – Provides a more robust and accurate view of client information for compliance and quality reports

Scheduling Simplified

  • Quickly update appointment status
  • Schedule activities that are billable or non-billable, at the group or individual level and mark them as client-facing or staff only
  • Block time on staff schedules for administrative work and meetings
  • Leverage templates to streamline scheduling
  • Compliance and quality report templates in CareLogic Analytics
  • View alerts to correct common errors in real-time
  • Easily match clients with the most appropriate care provider by language and speciality
  • Assign shifts to staff members across facilities
  • Provide team members with a global view of peer schedules

Capabilities at a Glance

  • Create, Transfer, Reassign Appointments
  • Appointment Status Updates
  • Grid Display for Calendar
  • Individual View and Front Desk View
  • Calendars for Staff and Clients
  • Appointment Type Filter
  • iCalendar Feed

Discover how CareLogic can help you make data-driven clinical, operational and administrative decisions with analytics and reporting.

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