Ensure That Assessment and Treatment Plan Information is Accurately Woven Throughout All of Your Documentation

For behavioral healthcare providers, supporting the “Golden Thread” is a critical component of your operations since it establishes the groundwork for better client outcomes and is a requirement to meet many accreditation standards, compliance regulations and reimbursement standards. But, it can be difficult to consistently and accurately align all of the your clinical documentation given the complex mix of programs and services provided.

That’s why we designed CareLogic to help you simplify the process of aligning clinical documentation throughout the care continuum including:

  • Initial intake assessments and diagnosis
  • Treatment plan documentation (problems, goals, objectives, interventions and services)
  • Progress notes

With CareLogic, you can save time and spend less time on documentation since the platform automatically pulls information from one module to the next. For example, scheduling information feeds into the claim engine, assessment scores are populated into the treatment plan and progress notes tie back to goals and objectives. Using our integrated electronic health record (EHR) platform, you can gain peace of mind knowing that the “Golden Thread” is always present in your clinical and financial documentation – helping you deliver on your goals of clinical excellence.

Seamlessly Pull Information Throughout the CareLogic EHR Platform

  • Create clinically rich documentation that is consistently “threaded” throughout various EHR components including initial and IMPACT assessments for outcomes management, treatment plans and progress notes.
  • Reduce your risk of take backs by aligning claims, care documentation and treatment plans.

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