Improve the Accuracy and of Consistency of Information Enterprise-wide

Want to connect with your regional Health Information Exchange (HIE) to gain a more holistic view of your client’s health? Searching for a way to integrate information enterprise-wide to support the “Golden Thread”? Discover how CareLogic can help you connect with other systems and organizations and make the right connections internally to finally break down data silos.

Integrations and Interoperability

Healthcare continues to evolve towards a more collaborative care model where key stakeholders within the care continuum work closely together with the aim of reducing waste and improving outcomes.

That’s why sharing information with other providers has never been more important. If you’re thinking about integrating with a regional or local Health Information Exchange (HIE) in order to gain a more holistic view of your client’s health, CareLogic can help you do just that.

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Analytics and Reporting

If you’re in a leadership role within a behavioral health and human services provider, you likely have strategic goals for your organization that span the clinical, administrative and financial aspects of operations.

With CareLogic you can build custom reports you need to make data-driven decisions and gain a clear line of sight into virtually every aspect of client care and health outcomes.

When there’s too much information to keep track of, it’s easy to get lost “in the weeds” and lose sight of the connections between different levels of your organization. CareLogic Analytics offers interactive, embedded dashboards that help you recognize important trends across your organization while eliminating extraneous information.

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The Golden Thread

To foster better client outcomes and comply with many state and federal regulations, CareLogic eliminates the data silos that prevent you from supporting the “Golden Thread”.

We understand that when information isn’t integrated, it can be extremely challenging to align all of your clinical documentation throughout the care continuum. To help you do just that, CareLogic automates many of the processes required to consistently document information related to assessments, diagnoses, treatment plans and claims.

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