Improve Your Financial Performance With Intelligent, Automated Workflows and Robust Reports

Is your clean claim rate on the the decline? Worried about revenue leakage? CareLogic can help you accelerate and maximize revenue and avoid leaving money on the table.

Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

We get it. With changing regulations and reimbursement models, it’s becoming harder and more time-consuming to generate clean claims and reduce your risk of denials. With CareLogic, you can overcome the challenges associated with getting paid accurately and quickly with our intelligent billing and revenue cycle management capabilities.

Embedded within the CareLogic workflow, you’ll find a comprehensive series of checks and balances designed to help you collect the right information throughout the care encounter so you can later generate and submit clean, payable claims. And, CareLogic can also help you reduce your risk of revenue leakage since claims are automatically batched and transmitted – typically within 24 hours of care.

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Analytics and Reporting

In addition to helping you automatically generate and submit clean claims up front, CareLogic can also help you protect your bottom line with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.

Your finance and billing team can configure custom reports to monitor all of the metrics that matter to your organization and take action if needed. Staff can set up recurring reports to track aging claims by payer, outstanding guarantor balances and track denials by type, frequency, volume and reason code.

CareLogic Analytics also allows for easy visualization of financial data, so you always have the up-to-date information necessary to monitor trends and drive informed decisions.

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