Support Better Outcomes and Improve the Health and Well-being of Your Clients

Are you concerned about gaining more visibility into the health and well-being of your client population? Are you seeing more of your reimbursement contract rates tied to client outcomes? Learn how CareLogic can help you support client-centered care, increase engagement and optimize care delivery at your organization.

IMPACT for Outcomes Management

Helping individuals with addiction or mental health issues typically requires a multi-faceted approach to treatment over a period of months, or perhaps even years. That’s why it’s important to create a reliable feedback loop to better understand how they are responding to your plan of care so you can make any necessary adjustments.

With CareLogic’s IMPACT for Outcomes Management, you can access a comprehensive library of evidence-based, research-backed screening assessment and outcome instruments.

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Interdisciplinary Treatment Plan

CareLogic can help you create and manage treatment plans that can help your clients progress towards their individual goals and objectives and get the care they need to succeed.

To help you create a more effective treatment plan, the CareLogic treatment plan automatically pulls information from the IMPACT for Outcomes Management module – giving more visibility into the information you need at the point of care.
In addition, CareLogic also helps you leverage evidence-based best practices. The system delivers recommendations for treatment which are driven by data from standardized outcomes, screening instruments and lab results.

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Consumer Engagement

Many studies have shown that helping clients take a more active role in their health is a powerful strategy for supporting better outcomes.

The CareLogic platform can integrate with a variety of third-party consumer engagement vendors – empowering your clients with the information they need to make informed decisions regarding their health.

We have a proven track record integrating with a variety of consumer engagement software vendors like myStrength, ClientTell and Vital Interaction.

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