Streamline Clinical Workflows and Automate Manual Administrative Processes

Do you struggle finding enough time in the day to get everything done? Does clinical documentation take up time that could be better spent on client care? Discover how CareLogic can help your organization streamline and automate workflows so you can spend more time supporting your clients.

Interdisciplinary Treatment Plan

There are many different pieces of information that comprise an interdisciplinary treatment plan. Key components include the diagnosis, goals, objectives, prescribed services, lab results, assessment scores and progress notes. CareLogic is designed to help you streamline the processes associated with creating and maintaining treatment plans since you can configure the system to mirror your actual workflows and information is automatically pulled through from other modules.

And, you can navigate between sections without ever having to leave the page – enabling you to update information more quickly and easily.

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If you’re like most behavioral health and human services organizations, your front office staff likely wear many different hats. In addition to greeting clients, collecting payments and verifying information, front office team members are also responsible for managing client appointments.

CareLogic simplifies the complexities associated with scheduling. Your front office team can quickly find the right provider by specialty and availability so they can spend more time helping clients at the point of access.

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More behavioral health and human services organizations are realizing the value of extending care beyond their facility. By providing care at schools, correctional facilities and group homes, community-based care organizations can support better outcomes by extending their reach.

With CareLogic, your team can provide services in the field even with limited internet connectivity to prevent any disruption in care.

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Custom Form Building Tools

Creating accurate service documentation is an important part of supporting the Golden Thread, generating clean claims and fostering better outcomes. That’s why CareLogic is designed to give you the flexibility you need to streamline the process of creating documentation.

With CareLogic, your system administrator can configure the system based on your organization’s specific needs and workflows – enabling clinical staff to use the system in the most intuitive way.

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