Support Better Client Outcomes With Evidence-Based Decision Support at the Point of Care: CareLogic for Your Clinical Staff

For psychologists, counselors, therapists, social workers and other team members who help treat individuals with behavioral healthcare needs, you need the right tools at the point of care to support better outcomes.

CareLogic can help you do more than simply document your client’s diagnosis and treatment plan. Our comprehensive behavioral health record (EHR) platform can also help you make more strategic, data-driven decisions at the point of care so clients get the right assessments and the right treatment at the right time.

With CareLogic, you can configure the system based on evidence-based practices – prompting users to take action and course-correct. Things like conducting clinical assessments, ordering labs, switching medications and scheduling follow-up appointments. For example, the platform can be configured to trigger alerts with recommendations for risk assessments or treatment interventions based on assessment scores, lab results, and diagnoses.

CareLogic also makes it easy for you to create the rich clinical documentation you need to provide the quality of care your clients deserve since it was built by behavioral healthcare professionals – for behavioral healthcare professionals. The result? An EHR that actually mirrors your clinical workflows and streamlines documentation so you can spend more time focusing on the person who came to you for help.

Andrea Ettingoff, Director of Clinical and Quality Affairs at Children’s Crisis Treatment Center talks about the value of CareLogic and how it has helped her organization work more efficiently and spend more time on care.

Support Better Client Outcomes: CareLogic for Clinicians

  • Evidenced-based decision support at the point of care
  • Operate more efficiently using custom forms
  • Easily manage your caseload with an intuitive scheduling module and alerts to help you understand what you need to do today and in the future
  • Support care collaboration and complete clinical documentation “in session” with concurrent documentation
  • Improve productivity using a streamlined, highly flexible treatment plan workflow with plan content driven by assessment scores, lab results and diagnoses

Capabilities at a Glance

  • Treatment plans
  • Outcomes monitoring
  • Evidence-based decision support tools
  • Clinical quality measures (CQM)

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