Leverage an EHR Platform Designed Specifically for Behavioral Health and Human Services Organizations

Healthcare is becoming increasingly complex and this is especially true for behavioral health and human services organizations.

In addition to supporting individuals facing a variety of intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health and substance use issues, agencies must also adhere state and federal regulations in order to maintain accreditation and participate in Medicare and Medicaid incentive programs.

That’s why so many behavioral health organizations choose the CareLogic EHR platform. It can help you improve outcomes, drive efficiencies and demonstrate high performance – while simplifying the complexities associated with delivering quality care.

Addiction Treatment Services

Integrate your EHR with labs and medication dispensing tools to streamline substance use treatment.

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Children & Family Services

Build stronger families and healthier communities.

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Health & Human Services

Help individuals in your community thrive.

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Mental Health Services

Deliver quality, evidence-based care to support better outcomes.

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Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services (IDD) and Autism

Support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

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