Integrate Your EHR With Labs and Medication Dispensing Tools to Streamline Substance Abuse Treatment

If you work at an organization that helps individuals on a journey of addiction recovery, you need an electronic health record platform that supports your unique workflows, reimbursement models and integrations needs. For best results, your technology should also support EPCS/PDMP mandates as a seamless part of clinicians’ workflow.

Integration With Labs and Medication Dispensing Tools

Many providers incorporate regular drug screenings as part of their overall treatment plan for substance abuse and addiction. To help monitor progress towards goals and objectives, many clients undergo regular blood, saliva and urine screenings for prescription medications and illegal drugs, such as cocaine and heroin.

CareLogic can help you streamline the process of sending lab orders and receiving those results (ORM and ORU transactions). Since our EHR platform is designed with interoperability in mind, we can help you integrate with internal and external lab partners such as Siemens Wintox, Merge and Precision Lab.

In addition, CareLogic can also help streamline the process of medication management since our EHR platform can integrate directly with third-party dispensing tools such as the BD Pyxis MedStation.

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Group Scheduling

If you offer group activities, such as therapy sessions or holistic treatments, as part of your overall addiction recovery program, you need a substance abuse EHR that simplifies the process of scheduling group appointments.

With CareLogic, your team can quickly and easily schedule services at the group or individual level and match clients with providers by speciality and availability.

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Addiction Assessment Instruments

CareLogic IMPACT for Outcomes Management is a comprehensive suite of screening, assessment and outcomes instruments designed to help you demonstrate clinical progress and demonstrate value.

This library of research-backed instruments includes key screening tools specifically for clients receiving treatment for substance use and addiction.

To streamline the care management process and help you support the “Golden Thread” scores automatically flow into the treatment plan module to help inform goals, objectives and progress notes.

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