Build Stronger Families and Healthier Communities

Children and family services organizations face a variety of unique challenges including client confidentiality, state reporting requirements and complex case management workloads.

That’s why so many case managers and social workers want CareLogic to help them support better outcomes and simplify the complexities of delivering quality care. With the CareLogic behavioral health and human services EHR platform, you can deliver on your mission to build stronger families within the communities you serve.


If you work with children and their families in schools or in their homes, you need an EHR platform that can help support your documentation needs regardless of internet connectivity.

With CareLogic, team members who work in the field can access critical client information and document services using a mobile application. And, you don’t have to worry about having an internet connection. When you return to the office and connect your device to the internet, CareLogic automatically uploads and syncs the data back into the client record.

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Integrations and Interoperability

CareLogic supports your goals of delivering collaborative, compassionate care to children and their families. Our web-based EHR platform is highly interoperable – meaning that you can integrate with other systems and share information with partnering organizations and agencies.

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