Supporting Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Their Families is Easier with the Right EHR

Health and human services agencies that specialize in supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those on the autism spectrum play a vital role in helping those individuals lead meaningful lives in their communities.

Though, managing the complexities associated with delivering a broad spectrum of services including therapy, daily living services, employment and housing assistance, foster care placement and medication administration can be challenging if you don’t have the right electronic health record (EHR) software in place.

CareLogic is a web-based EHR platform that is designed to help organizations that support people with IDD and autism by streamlining workflows, service documentation and billing with a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions and services.

Custom Form Building Tools

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities often have varied and unique needs in terms of the assistance and care they need. That’s why CareLogic is built as a highly configurable system.

With CareLogic, you can create documentation workflows that mirror how your organization actually works. Using CareLogic’s custom form building tools, you can specify the information that providers should collect to support your organization’s best practices.

Built with flexibility and responsiveness in mind, CareLogic Analytics is designed to suit the changing needs of clients, providers, and regulatory agencies alike. With CareLogic’s customizability, you can easily access, manage, and visualize the data you need to simplify your documentation process, drive better care for clients, and maintain compliance with changing regulations.

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Analytics and Reporting

Organizations that support those with IDD are often required to adhere to state and federal standards in order to maintain accreditation.

That’s why CareLogic is designed to simplify the tasks associated with creating the reports and documentation needed to meet those regulatory standards. With CareLogic’s analytics capabilities, you can build robust, custom reports that measure key metrics including outcomes and client progress towards goals and objectives.

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Integrations and Interoperability

CareLogic is designed with interoperability in mind enabling you to integrate your EHR with other applications and providers as needed. With a broader view of the individual’s entire health history, your care team can support better outcomes and reduce the risks associated with transitions of care.

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Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

Since our electronic health record (EHR) platform is designed specifically for human service and behavioral healthcare providers, the system has a series of checks and balances alerting you of missing or incomplete information.

And, since the alerts are displayed on your dashboard throughout the provider’s workflow, you can make corrections as needed instead of trying to fix information after services are provided

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CareLogic Mobile

Does your organization provide behavioral health and human services programs to individuals in your community? If so, then you have probably experienced the challenges associated with documenting assessments, treatments plans and progress notes where internet connectivity is unavailable or unreliable.

CareLogic Mobile is designed to improve productivity – users can continue to use the system even without internet access. When team members return to the office and connect their device to the internet, you can sync the data into the CareLogic platform – seamlessly updating the client record.

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