Support Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Their Families

If you work to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, you need an electronic health record platform that can help simplify the tasks associated with case management – enabling you to spend more time delivering personalized client care.

With CareLogic, you can more efficiently and effectively, help your clients live a full and meaningful life within their communities.

Custom Form Building Tools

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities often have varied and unique needs in terms of the assistance and care they need. That’s why CareLogic is built as a highly configurable system.

With CareLogic, you can create documentation workflows that mirror how your organization actually works. Using CareLogic’s custom form building tools, you can specify the information that providers should collect to support your organization’s best practices.

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Analytics and Reporting

Organizations that support those with intellectual and developmental disabilities are often required to adhere to state and federal standards in order to maintain accreditation.

That’s why CareLogic is designed to simplify the tasks associated with creating the reports and documentation needed to meet those regulatory standards. With CareLogic’s analytics capabilities, you can build robust, custom reports that measure key metrics including outcomes and client progress towards goals and objectives.

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