Keystone Human Services | Efficiency, Disability, and Transparency Across Clinical Documentation, Billing, Reporting and Compliance

Challenge Working across Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, with international programs in Moldova and India, Keystone Human Services offers a broad array of services in the areas of intellectual disabilities, mental health, autism, as well as Head Start services and place life-changing service dogs with children and adults. KHS provides technical assistance to governments, […]

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Cahaba Mental Health Center​ ​|​ C​areLogic Implementation Success with Key Metrics, Six Months Post GoLive

The mission of ​Cahaba Center for Mental Health​ in Selma, Alabama, is to provide quality mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse services in a manner that respects individual dignity, promotes recovery, and enhances personal, family, and provider relationships. Cahaba Mental Health went live on CareLogic in December, 2018, after searching for an integrated EHR […]

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Qualifacts Implementation Success Story ​|​ Mid-Ohio Behavioral Health CareLogic GoLive During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mid-Ohio Behavioral Health had selected CareLogic as the EHR platform to support the provider organization through the ongoing changes to clinical documentation and reimbursement required by the state’s Behavioral Health Redesign project, and was closing in on its final GoLive milestones when the COVID-19 pandemic shattered daily life around the world. As the pandemic spread, […]

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Expanding Telehealth Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic ​|​ CareLogic Configurability for Services and Claims

Telehealth Expansion, COVID-19, and CareLogic Configurability ​ The COVID-19 pandemic brought Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health Center (SPVMHC) unexpected benefits from its CareLogic selection and implementation, through the configurability and ease of use supporting the emergency expansion of telehealth services with new compliance rules. “The configurability that was a defining factor for us in selecting […]

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Ready for Enhancements after Implementation Success | “Everything Is So Much Better” Qualifacts® Success Story | Highland River Center

“CareLogic is so much better than what we had – the clinical forms, documentation, and schedule,” said Cheryl Lewis, Director of Outpatient Services, Highland River Center, Georgia. “Everything is so much better.” Executive Summary Highland River Center works to deliver the best care to the most people it can. Switching to CareLogic® from a previous […]

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Milestone Centers, Inc., Success Story using Qualifacts® EHR platform, CareLogic®

Making Data-Driven Decisions | Improving Efficiency of Service Delivery, Resources Allocation, and Reimbursement Management “CareLogic® has allowed us to grow and expand as an organization, to work as a coordinated team of care, and to work with external stakeholders, to share and gather information…We will report in a much more efficient and concise manner.” – Scott […]

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Lifeline Connections | Making Your EHR the Configurable System You Need It to Be

Lifeline Connections in Vancouver, Washington, helps more than 3,000 people find hope and healing every year, by treating substance use and mental health conditions with deep compassion and steadfast care, working with clients every step of the way to help them discover and build their own strengths. Lifeline Connections went live on the CareLogic EHR […]

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​Adams County Integrated Health Services | Keeping Pace with Ever Changing Federal and State Requirements, with a Cloud Based SaaS EHR Platform

Challenge To manage the ever increasing complexity of federal and state compliance, clinical reporting and reimbursement, Adams County Integrated Health Services (ACIHS) needed a modern, cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) Electronic Health Record. The cross-team evaluation committee went into the search process ranking ease of use, configurability, and a company reputation for value, trust […]

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Volunteer Behavioral Health | Matching Clients to Clinicians with Centralized Scheduling, Telehealth, and the CareLogic EHR

Challenge Triaging calls that range from crisis situations to information requests, Volunteer Behavioral Health serves one million people across 31 counties and 11,000 square miles in Tennessee. To match people to services across the miles, Volunteer has built a strong, dedicated, centralized intake and scheduling call center: “We schedule all first time appointment calls — […]

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