“In behavioral healthcare, there is no one-size-fits-all approach in terms of treatment. For an opioid addiction, for example, some patients may respond better with medication while others get better results with cognitive behavioral therapy in conjunction with holistic treatments. We count on our clinicians to make an accurate diagnosis, and CareLogic gives us new tools to monitor their progress and modify the plan of care accordingly. Using the CareLogic EHR platform, and the IMPACT assessment library, our providers will be able to offer assessments to people and get the results in real time.”

ppi logo

Selma N. Ward

CFO of Perception Programs

“We chose Qualifacts and their integrated CareLogic EHR platform because of their proven record of providing solutions that support the unique programs we offer. There are many EHR vendors out there, but we need a platform that is designed specifically for behavioral healthcare providers like us. With CareLogic, we will be able to collaborate more effectively with primary care providers to provide the best-in-class care that our clients deserve, and move fully to digital records from paper.”

umassmemorial health care logo

Nicole Gagne

President of UMass Memorial, Community Healthlink, Inc.

“Qualifacts will help Adapt meet its care team goals by making client data consistent and accessible to our staff. The CareLogic EHR platform will help us coordinate care more precisely and consistently, which is a cornerstone of delivering patient-centered care.”

adapt health care logo

Janet Tribble

Chief Financial Officer at Adapt Health Care

“CareLogic has helped us by providing a centralized and comprehensive system for communicating client needs and progress, tracking services, scheduling, and billing. It has decreased, and in many cases eliminated, the need for clinical staff to double-enter data points.”

renewal house logo

Mary Beth Heaney-Gárate

LCSW, Chief Clinical Officer, & Julia Howley, Special Projects Manager, of Renewal House

Cahaba Mental Health Center​ ​|​ C​areLogic Implementation Success with Key Metrics, Six Months Post GoLive

The mission of ​Cahaba Center for Mental Health​ in Selma, Alabama, is to provide quality mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse services in a manner that respects individual dignity, promotes recovery, and enhances personal, family, and provider relationships. Cahaba Mental Health went live on CareLogic in December, 2018, after searching for an integrated EHR […]

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Qualifacts Implementation Success Story ​|​ Mid-Ohio Behavioral Health CareLogic GoLive During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mid-Ohio Behavioral Health had selected CareLogic as the EHR platform to support the provider organization through the ongoing changes to clinical documentation and reimbursement required by the state’s Behavioral Health Redesign project, and was closing in on its final GoLive milestones when the COVID-19 pandemic shattered daily life around the world. As the pandemic spread, […]

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Expanding Telehealth Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic ​|​ CareLogic Configurability for Services and Claims

Telehealth Expansion, COVID-19, and CareLogic Configurability ​ The COVID-19 pandemic brought Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health Center (SPVMHC) unexpected benefits from its CareLogic selection and implementation, through the configurability and ease of use supporting the emergency expansion of telehealth services with new compliance rules. “The configurability that was a defining factor for us in selecting […]

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Highland River Center Success Story Using Qualifacts® EHR Platform, CareLogic®

“They (clinicians) can see scored answers immediately, to track progress, and to identify new goals or problems for treatment… We had 628 completed BASIS-24 assessments in 60 days.”  – Cheryl Lewis, Director of Outpatient Services, Highland River Center, Georgia. Highland River Center was challenged to efficiently meet the ever-changing requirements for full documentation to support […]

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Milestone Centers, Inc., Success Story using Qualifacts® EHR platform, CareLogic®

Making Data-Driven Decisions | Improving Efficiency of Service Delivery, Resources Allocation, and Reimbursement Management “CareLogic® has allowed us to grow and expand as an organization, to work as a coordinated team of care, and to work with external stakeholders, to share and gather information…We will report in a much more efficient and concise manner.” – Scott […]

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