Streamline Workflows: CareLogic for Your Front Office Staff

If you work in the front office of a behavioral healthcare facility, you need the right tools to help you quickly and easily manage clients at the point of intake to help your team stay on schedule, and operate more efficiently so you can spend more time with clients.

That’s why CareLogic is designed to simplify the tasks that many front office staff members often find challenging and time-consuming such as managing referrals, creating records for new clients, checking people in, scheduling appointments and verifying insurance benefits and eligibility.

Our powerful and easy-to-use EHR platform can help your front office team prevent errors associated with scheduling, streamline workflows with intelligent client management tools, and optimize one of your most valuable assets of all – time.

CareLogic also helps you identify the right provider for each client. With CareLogic, you can easily identify the right provider by specialty and availability to make it easier for front desk staff members to schedule new appointments and match clients with the right provider by payer for more reimbursable claims.

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CareLogic for Front Office Staff

  • Easily manage referrals with our point of entry wizard
  • Simplify the process of checking in new clients with one-click payment management and chart access
  • Gain visibility into facility availability with an integrated bed board
  • Streamline scheduling with an intelligent scheduling search to find the appropriate provider with open slots on their schedule and availability
  • Quickly verify benefits and eligibility at the point of access in real-time

Capabilities at a Glance

  • Scheduling
  • Client check-in
  • Insurance verification

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