If your team is taking a fresh look at your Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology options for your behavioral/mental health organization, evaluating each vendor’s implementation methodology and track record can help you avoid snafus down the line.

Keep in mind that even if you select a cloud-based system, you will need to work with the vendor in order to import your data into the new platform and also connect with other systems such as: HIEs, commercial and government payers and client engagement platforms. And, it’s also important to note that different vendors have their own approach to the EHR/EMR implementation process.

To help you kick off an EHR implementation discussion with each vendor, below includes ten questions that you should be asking during your assessment.

  1. What is your success rate? Within the prior year have you or any of your customers had to abandon any implementation projects?
  2. Given our data requirements and workflows, how long should I expect our implementation to take?
  3. What existing data formats can you work with?
  4. What historical information will you migrate into the EHR and what will be archived?
  5. Tell me about some implementations you’ve completed recently for organizations similar to ours?
  6. Which members of our organization will your implementation team need to meet with and how often?
  7. Can we see your typical project plan so we can better understand the impact and expectations on our staff?
  8. How long does it typically take to get an organization like ours successfully migrated and fully functional on your system?
  9. How will you train my staff on the new system?
  10. What implementation costs can I expect? Is it a lump sum or do you invoice in phases during the project.

If you’re actively searching for a better behavioral health and human services EHR platform, understanding how each vendor approaches and manages the implementation process can help you avoid surprises down the road.

To learn more about best practices in selecting a new EHR and how to navigate the electronic health record implementation process, download our vendor-neutral guide: How to Select the Best EHR: The Guide for Behavioral Healthcare Executives. This manual can help demystify the process from beginning to end.


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