The search for the right Behavioral Health EHR system is never easy. It’s hard enough to get your team on the same page, conduct a technology assessment and begin a search during normal times, let alone during a pandemic. As you embark on your virtual search for the right electronic health record system, be sure to avoid these 5 common pitfalls:

1. Starting Your Search Without Putting Together the Internal Decision Team.

The right EHR affects every aspect of your agency’s function, so communication is key. To avoid backtracking and to ensure that you find an EHR that works for everyone at your organization, make sure to include members from every team to give feedback before beginning your search or making any decisions.

2. Not Taking Workflow Into Account.

You need EHR that makes jobs easier, not more difficult. Make a point to document existing workflows and related needs before starting your search. From client intake, to providing service, to billing and tracking outcomes, you’ll want an ERH that is flexible enough to accommodate your team’s existing workflows, and configurable enough to grow and change with you.

3. Forgetting About Virtual Care.

Don’t ignore the demands that Virtual Care places on your choice of EHR. Ask whether an EHR solution provides tools and functionality to support patient and staff engagement. An EHR which allows for flexible, integrated workflows in these areas can set you up for success.

4. Neglecting Your Data Needs.

The ability to easily visualize and analyze key data and metrics throughout your organization can give you powerful insights and save your team time and hassle. Consider what kind of data is valuable to your agency, and how an EHR can help you put it to use when evaluating your choices.

5. Failing to Accurately Calculate ROI Ahead of Time.

You need to be confident that your choice of EHR will pay off in the long run. Simply implementing an EHR does not guarantee a positive ROI. Calculating ROI ahead of time can prevent costly mistakes, save you massive headaches down the line and help you make a more informed decision when considering whether an EHR is the right fit for your needs.

With all of the considerations necessary to make an informed decision, searching for the right EHR can feel like navigating a minefield. Our free EHR Buyer’s Guide, How to Select the Best EHR: The 2021 Guide for Behavioral Healthcare Executives, is here to simplify your search and help you avoid these and other common mistakes with expert tips to streamline the entire process.

The guide will help you:

  • Outline broad goals and questions that inform your search process
  • Create a dedicated search team and write a charter
  • Identify specific solutions a Behavioral Health EHR should provide to address workflows, pain points and data needs
  • Evaluate vendors across multiple areas of operation
  • Simplify vendor selection by creating an EHR scorecard
  • Measure return on investment
  • Understand legal considerations, including contracting
  • Ensure smooth implementation by planning ahead
  • Make an informed decision driven by data

How to Select the Best EHR also includes worksheets to help your team define priorities and ask the right questions along the way. Packed with valuable insights and strategies from leading industry consultants and HIT peer organizations, the guide gives you everything you need to feel confident and empowered in your search.

If you’re ready to streamline your search for the right EHR, download How to Select the Best EHR: The Guide for Behavioral Healthcare Executives today.

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