If you’re in the process of evaluating Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors, your legal team plays an important role. They can help you vet all of the vendor candidates to ensure that you better understand the legal implications of your technology purchasing decisions.

After all, your EHR partnership is a long-term commitment and ensuring all parties have a clear understanding of the terms of your agreement is important to meet your business’ current and future objectives.

Engaging your legal and compliance teams early in conversations with prospective EHR providers will help to ensure that your committee understands the contracting and negotiation process.

Here are a few items that your EHR research team should consider adding to your next meeting agenda related to contract provisions:

  • Which contract provisions can be negotiated?
  • What is the standard length of the contract?
  • Is the pricing clear? How will pricing increases be assessed?
  • What price certainty do you have over the life of the contract?
  • How will the contract and pricing scale with our business? What happens if you have more or fewer EHR users in the future?
  • What provisions are made for future products and services and their pricing?
  • When are payments due? What happens if we are late or early with our payments?
  • What happens if the implementation takes longer than expected?
  • What happens if the EHR vendor cannot complete your implementation?
  • Under what circumstances are you entitled to a refund, or to end the contract with no penalty?

These are just a few of the important legal considerations that your EHR evaluation and selection committee should discuss. By clearly understanding the legal terms associated with each EHR vendor candidate, you can gain confidence in your decision to move forward.

We understand that the process of shopping for a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s why we put together a vendor-neutral guide to help behavioral health executives shop for the best EHR software. Learn more about these tips and more to take the stress out of the EHR evaluation and selection process!

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